Thursday, November 30, 2006

El Chile Cafe y Cantina - Austin,Texas

El Chile Café y Cantina, 1809 Manor Rd, just east of I-35 and UT, is quickly building a reputation as an Eastside eating favorite. Easy to find but limited in parking (check around back before you park on the street), El Chile has attracted a steady following and regular neighborhood cliental in the short time it has been open. Mr. Food has again decided to sacrifice his small orange body, dedicated to finding the truth and discover if all the talk and hype about El Chile is really true.

I arrived at El Chile around 6:30pm on a Friday night, joined by Mother-in-law-Food (Mrs. Food’s mom) and the Lizard (Mrs. Food’s best friend) only to encounter a large crowd of folks, gathered loosely around the restaurant entrance drinking beers and multi colored margaritas. We added our name to the seating list and a server immediately took our drink order. We had asked for any seating, indoor or outside on the patio, and we were quickly rewarded with a nice table inside near to the bar. It seems that the waiting crowd all wanted to sit on the patio. Personally, I think those people are crazy. With the temp running around 95 degrees and the humidity close to 90%, I would much rather sit in an A/C wonderland than Austin’s outdoor summer sauna!

We placed our orders and settled into what I think are some of best chips and salsa served in Austin. The salsa is made up of dark roasted jalapeños, garlic and I think lime juice… just fantastic. Not hot in taste but full of a great smoky flavor, I could eat this stuff all day long. At this time I ordered a second drink, with Mrs. Food busy in other places, I decided to get just a little crazy.

For the main course we ordered three different items. Momma Food decided to try the Pollo a la Poblana con Hongos - $10.95 (seared chicken breast w/ poblanos, rajas, mushrooms and crema). This plate also came with white rice and a small guacamole salad. Lizard ordered the Enchiladas Verdes - $9.95 (two chicken enchiladas topped w/ tomatillo sauce, jack cheese and crema). The enchiladas are made with El Chile’s homemade tortillas which may be just as addicting as the salsa. Previous experience has taught me never to order a Steak in a Mexican restaurant (always way over cooked) and knowing this and against my better judgment I decided to order the Arrachera - $12.95 (sirloin steak topped w/ melted Chihuahua cheese, poblano, rajas and grilled onions). My plate also came with a small cup of charra beans and guacamole salad.

All three entrees turned out to be real winners. My steak was like butter, by far the best steak I have ever ordered at a Mexican restaurant, it just melted in my mouth. Both Momma Food and the Lizard finished every bite on their respective plates and they both proclaimed their love for the food and a serious desire to come back and try many other items from El Chile’s menu. I didn’t see a dessert menu which was ok, I was so totally full after all the chips/salsa and steak, I didn’t need to put any more food in my body. The total bill came to just under $70 for 5 top shelf drinks, all the chips / salsa one could eat and three super tasty main courses.

Mr. Food gives El Chile Café y Cantina two spoons up. Great food! Coming from Texas, I don’t like spending a lot of cash on Mexican food but El Chile is a nice treat and very reasonable for the food offered. The service and friendly tattooed-covered wait staff give El Chile that cool, casual Austin feeling that people dig so much. The only problem for El Chile is the parking, so again check around back first before deciding to park on the street or check the overflow parking lot just across the street and to the right, about a half block from the restaurant.

El Chile Café Y Cantina
1809 Manor Rd
512 457 9900
Mon – Sat 11am – 10pm
Sun – 11am – 9pm
Brunch Sat – Sun 11am – 3pm
Happy Hr Mon – Fri 4 – 7pm

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Polvo's Mexican Restaurant - Austin,Texas

My good friend The Fin and I started drinking at Freddie’s Place on South 1st around 8pm Thursday evening. We met up with the German and Nico for a few “Crutches” and some causal conversation. Our attention quickly turned to food, and based on many recommendations, the Fin and I hopped across the street to one of south central Austin’s best Mexican restaurants, Polvo’s. Once again, as the seeker of truth and great food, Mr. Foodblog accepted the challenge. Was Polvo’s everything people said it was? Even at 9pm we had to park better than a block away… Polvo’s was rocking.

We sat on the patio next to entrance, which the Fin told me was the best spot for quick easy service. Josh, our waiter, brought us two frozen margaritas and some chips. I hit the salsa island and was happily surprised to see “ Escabeche”- (pickled carrots, onions and Jalapenos) offered with at least four different kinds of salsa.

For our entrees, Fin chose the Fajita al Guajillo $8.99 – (chicken fajitas sautéed with sun dried peppers, grilled onions and poblano. Served with guacamole and sour cream, rice, charro beans, corn or flour tortillas). I decided to try the Chile Relleno Original $8.99 – (Chili poblano pepper stuffed with your choice of cheese, vegetables, chicken, or ground beef, topped with a red sauce and Monterey Jack cheese. Served with rice, beans). I chose the beef relleno and the corn tortillas, which by the way Polvo’s makes on site. I just love homemade corn tortillas. Both of our entrees where big and full of flavor; no complaints from either the Fin or myself. I had to order extra corn tortillas, thin and light, perfect for the meal. After a second round of drinks, I was very, very full. The Fin and I had no room for dessert. Total cost for entrees and two rounds of margaritas - $42 (not including tip)

Mrs. Food told me when I got home that she is a big fan of the Vegetable Tamales, which can be ordered a la cart.

Mr. Foodblog gives Polvo’s Two Spoons Up. I now understand why so many local Austinites have recommended Polvo’s. Josh our server was on the money. The food was really good and the portions where large if not giant in size. I was very impressed with the corn tortillas and the margaritas…potent. On the down side, parking involved having to walk and the bathrooms could have used some work. I checked out Polvo’s website and found much to my surprise a coupon for half off on the second entree…a nice touch.

2004 S 1st St
Austin, TX 78704
Sat 7:00am-11:00pm
Sun-Fri 7:00am-10:00pm
(512) 441-5446

Happy Hr from 4-7pm: Mon - Friday

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fast Meat from Austin, TEXAS

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With football season in full gear, what to feed all those hungry mouths gathered around the TV? Even though I am all about grilling up the meat, sometimes I just don’t want to jump through all the hoops……cleaning the grill, starting the fire, cutting the wood…ect, you know what I mean. So I have been on the lookout for the fast, big meat serving situation that doesn’t involve a huge mess or fifteen different steps to prepare the meal.

Around the corner from my house is La Michoacana Meat Market. You might have one in your neighborhood. I discovered that La Michoacana has pre marinated fajita meat for sale by the lb. How convenient is this. I was planning to have a few of the guys around for some drinking and some heavy bullshitting. It’s a guys thing…what can I say. If your friends are anything like my friends, it takes a cow and a keg to keep them satisfied.

So I headed down to La Michoacana, and pick up 7lbs of the fajita meat at $4lb. When I got home, I only had a few minuets until the guys would start showing up. I grabbed the largest cooking sheet I have, covered it with foil and laid out the meat. I cut an onion and bell pepper, sprinkled over the meat and presto, I had food ready to go. I cranked the oven to 425 degrees and let the meat cook. About 25mins later, Mr. Bestdressed showed up, with a 12 pack of XX, just as I was pulling out the cooked fajita. Combined with some fresh tortillas from HEB and some la Serial beans, I like the chipotle, we had a serious meat eating situation going on. And let me tell you, the fajita was so tender, it was falling apart. Tough fajita is no bueno!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bella Cafe - Austin,TEXAS

Café Bella

Hi folks, Mrs. Food here. For some time now, Mr. Foodblog has been bugging me to do a guest blog. Since I usually tag along with him on his quest for good food and truth, I agreed to do one – as soon as I discovered a place that inspired me. Now, finally…food so delicious, so chic, and so truly pretty that I was compelled to write a blog about Café Bella, a hidden little gem of a place just west of downtown.

Finding Café Bella is a little interesting; it is actually located inside the Bella Salon at 1221 West Sixth Street. I know, it sounds a little weird (this is Austin, after all), but walking through the open, bustling salon is part of the whole experience, I assure you. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted warmly and told to “walk past the second chandelier and turn right” to get to the café. I was instantly intrigued.

The café itself is small and intimate, with just a scattering of small bistro tables and a big comfy banquette with fluffy pillows juxtaposed against bright violet walls. The place is kind of like shabby chic…on mushrooms. Vivid and sunny, with a lovely skylight and salvaged antique chandeliers, the place is just plain cheerful. The fantastic art from a neighboring gallery rotates on a regular basis and lends to the truly eclectic feel of the whole place. Mr. Foodblog and I found ourselves a nice corner table, and settled in for some serious culinary delights.

The menu at Café Bella is not long on gimmicks. Instead, the talented Chef Josh Siegel has chosen a handful of mouth-watering entrees that are well thought-out and expertly executed; then he offers rotating Daily Specials which, as he put it, “vary wildly.” Mr. Foodblog and I each started out with a cup of the Gingered Sweet Potato and Cardamom Bisque ($5/cup or $8/bowl), a smooth and creamy puree of sweet potato and ginger topped with a dollop of apple-mint raita. What can I say…perfection! Mr. Foodblog was actually speechless for a minute – it was that good. Who would have thought that sweet potatoes could contrast so perfectly with little chunks of apple and chopped mint? Dee-lish!

Our next dish was one of Chef Josh’s Daily Specials, the Lime Marinated Sea Scallops, served medium-rare over a bed of mixed greens with a champagne-tarragon dressing. I must ask, do you KNOW how hard it is to make good scallops, people? It takes some skill, let me tell you from personal experience, and these were grilled-to-perfection. Now, good food is one thing, but I consider it positively charming when I get served a plate as pretty as this one was. Carved cherry tomato roses, y’all – garnish rocks! And so do the chefs who actually take the time to make their plates look as stunning as they taste.

It was going to be hard to top the scallops, I knew, but next Chef Josh presented us with the popular Mixed Greens and Chevre ($9), an elegant salad of mixed baby greens, fresh cucumber, carrot, and red onions julienne, dried blueberries, Chevre goat cheese, and maple pecans in a Balsamic vinaigrette. You know, sometimes you really just crave a good, fresh salad, and this one has to be my new favorite. This salad was, again, lovely to look at, but even more fun to eat. With just the perfect amount of Balsamic vinaigrette, all the flavors of this salad weren’t drowned out by a sea of dressing. The tangy bite of Chevre was perfectly paired with the sweet blueberries and maple pecans, and the crunchy mix of cucumbers, carrots, and red onions gave the salad a great balance.

Bravely, we soldiered on. There was so much more food to taste! Chinese Chicken Salad ($11), maybe? A custom-made Deli Sandwich ($10) with turkey and havarti on a seeded soft bun? Or perhaps another of the Daily Specials – Fish Tacos made with tilapia, four cheeses and fresh corn tortillas? It was a tough decision, so Chef Josh made it for us, and presented us with a sampling of the Shrimp and Goat Cheese Quesadilla ($11) and the Daily Special Grilled Steak and Blue Cheese Quesadilla with caramelized onions and fresh herbs. I just cannot repeat it enough; pretty plates taste better. And these plates were so colorful, so lovely to behold, I sighed in admiration. Served with a smooth Salsa Verde, and a fresh red salsa, these quesadillas were fantastic. I never would have thought to throw in some blue cheese, but it was absolutely scrumptious!

By now, Chef Josh was becoming one of my heroes, and not just because he has bright blue eyes and a warm, friendly smile (so do you, Mr. Foodblog). But because you can just tell how much Chef Josh loves to cook, and when he talks about his little Café, you know this guy wants you to have a great meal. After Mr. Foodblog and I had eaten all this food, we were pretty sure we were done, even though we were a little disappointed in ourselves that we couldn’t fit in one more entrée. So instead, Chef Josh served us up a little dessert, a slice of luscious Chocolate-chip Coconut Cake, and a slice of his rich Pumpkin Bread. We redeemed ourselves, and made quick work of the desserts. Chef Josh told us he likes to rotate his desserts, and tries to make a different cake every week.

Café Bella is one of those places where the atmosphere just makes the whole experience a pleasure. Maybe it was listening to Blondie’s Heart of Glass while chewing on the scallops, or Supertramp’s Logical Song as our salads were served. Or maybe it was the fact that Chef Josh is always willing to suggest one of his favorites. Café Bella also serves tiny bottles of Piper-Heidstieck (real French Champagne!) which is a real plus, as all my ladies in the Champagne Mafia will testify. And their wine list, while short, offers a truly robust selection of wines from California Merlot and Australian Shiraz to New Zealand Pinot Noir and Italian Pinot Grigio. There’s also a small selection of domestic and imported beer.

All said, I had a great lunch at Café Bella. Better than I had expected, in fact – I was actually impressed, and plan to return with all my girlfriends in tow. To all you gentlemen out there, take your favorite lady friends here. She will be so impressed, you’ll be in her plus column for days. This is also a great place to take your out-of-town guests, who will think you have the total hook-up on secret, hidden gems that Keep Austin Weird. So, Mrs. Food says two champagne flutes way up for Café Bella, and a toast to Chef Josh for his appetizing and elegant offerings!

Café Bella
1221 West Sixth Street
Austin, TX
(512) 474-5999
Tuesday – Saturday, 9a.m. to 6-ish p.m. (Chef Josh will not kick you out if it’s a little past 6, just on principle, I happen to know)

Breakfast menu available in the morning
To-go Orders welcome
Rotating Daily Specials, so check in often
Wi-fi compatible
Beer & Wine

Monday, November 13, 2006

Southside Flying Pizza - Austin, Texas

Pizza, pizza and more pizza….Mr. Food is on a roll. I was tipped off to a wonderful new pizza joint – Southside Flying Pizza, 2206 Congress Ave, just a block south of Oltorf Ave. Bill and Brad (you may recognize these guys from Guero’s) have put together their version of a tradition Neapolitan-style pizza shop with “Traditional hand tossed pizza” combined with an Austin flare. Hey, Southside is ready to take off.

Parking is limited so please be aware. I came for lunch, around 11:45am, and must have arrived just in time because both the parking lot and restaurant suddenly filled to capacity…a big line of folks waiting for a table and hungry for pie.

Orders are placed at the front counter and drinks are self serve. We had five people in our group so we decided to try 2 pies and share. First, the large Margherita Pizza ($12) ...mounds of Romano cheese, sliced tomatoes, basil and garlic. Our second choice, the Sundried Tomato Pesto Pizza ($14)…sundried tomato pesto, large cuts of portabellas, roma tomatoes, prosciutto and gorgonzola cheese. Wow, both pies were fantastic. The pizza easily fed all five of us…no one left the table hungry and that is no bull. And as a bonus, neither pie was smothered in red sauce. Am I nuts for wanting to taste the other pizza ingredients and not just the sauce? Other items on the menu, Stromboli ($11), calzone ($11) and get this, a Bratwurst sandwich ($4.50)…crazy, man. All in all, our combined total came to $32 plus tip…this worked out to about $6.50 each for hand tossed pizza and all-you-can-drink drinks. My thoughts about Southside’s pizza, watch-out Brick Oven!

I would never had found Southside but for my foodie friends, who are always sending me restaurant tips so thanks y’all and please keep those tips a-coming.

Mr. Food gives Southside Flying Pizza two spoons up – great pizza, quick service, and a smiling, friendly staff which adds up to another notch in Austin’s growing restaurant belt. Again, parking is limited. Delivery is available in the 78704 area. Call to find out if you are in the zone.

Southside Flying Pizza
2206 Congress Ave.
Austin, TX 78704
512 442 4246
Mon – Sat: 11am -10pm
Sun: 5pm-10pm

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Squash Anyone?

Recently, Mrs. Food and I have been eating a lot of winter squash. I was surprised to learn, after asking around the office and my friends, that a lot of folks don't know or are scared to try winter squash. Well, exactly what is winter squash anyway? Simply put, winter squash is just summer squash that has been allowed to fully mature. In its mature state, squash can be rather scary looking with its hard outer shell and strange shapes. Don't let this deter you from giving winter squash a try, its both easy to work with and from what Mrs. Food tells me, just packed full of fiber.

Mrs. Food has become a big fan of buttercup squash. Its creamy orange flesh is very similar in taste to the sweet potato. Extremely simple to cook, I just cut the top off and using a spoon, scoop out the seeds. I then place the squash into a 9x9 pan and add about a 1/2 inch of water to the container. After adding a large chunk of butter and maybe a sprinkle of pumpkin spice mix to the squash, I cover with foil and cook in oven for about an 1hr or so until tender, at 375 degrees. It is just that easy. When cooked, scoop out the flesh and let you imagination take you away. I am going to try and make a buttercup squash pie using a sweet potato pie recipe as my guide.

The Acorn squash might just be my favorite type of winter squash. Again, I just cut the top off and discard its seeds. Then I like to stuff the squash full of boudin or dirty rice. I have always been very fond of stuffed peppers so I just stuff the squash like I would the pepper. Cook the acorn squash the same way as the butter cup squash. Serve when the squash flesh is tender. If I remember correctly, Eastside Cafe; offers acorn squash with a ginger glaze that is just wonderful.

Winter squash has been around for a long time and like everything else it can be cooked a million different ways. I will let you guys know how my pie turns out. My friend Phil suggested making sausage out of squash. Is that a little crazy?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Fredericksburg Herb Farm - Fredericksburg, Texas

Did you know that cauliflower and broccoli are both flower blossoms? Most of us are familiar with the spice saffron. Did you also know that saffron also comes from a flower? Mrs. Food and I took a long and leisurely drive up to Fredericksburg this Saturday. We were both looking for a little down time and a change in scenery, something different from the steel and cement construction site Austin’s east side has suddenly become. Mrs. Food read about a place just west of downtown Fredericksburg that sounded like the perfect spot to eat, relax, and enjoy the quite of the country, Fredericksburg Herb Farm.

Fredericksburg Herb Farm grows all their own herbs and edible flowers on the 14 acres of land surrounding the restaurant. Getting seated took a good 20mins. We later found out that half the crew called in sick or just did not bother to show-up. We finally got a cute little table in the back room. The room, filled with large windows, allowed us views of the lovely gardens and a rather large gazebo.

Our meal began with a pitcher of sangria - $20 and an appetizer, the Edible Flowers Spring Rolls - $8. Small in size, colorful on the plate, the spring rolls were very simply made, rice noodles wrapped in rice paper with an assortment of blue, red and yellow flower petals added in. The flavor was subtle, yet slightly bitter, not unpleasant but kind of neutral on the pallet. I felt that $8 cost was a little much. For the main course, Mrs. Food had the Grilled Hill Country Peach Salad w/ chicken - $13 (field greens tossed in a basil blush vinaigrette, grilled peaches, almonds with herbed feta and sliced chicken). Mrs. Food really enjoyed the salad and is going to try and replicate it herself. The wedges of grilled peaches made this salad really bounce….very nice. I had the Rosemary Smoked Chicken - $10 (A breast quarter smoked with rosemary, olive oil and spices served with salad and foccacia bread). Very nice, great flavor, the salad was amazing, but the serving size was small. If I had been really hungry, I would have been wanting for more.

By this time, we had each drank 5…yes 5 glasses of sangria each, with the bottom of the pitcher nowhere in sight. This may be the best sangria deal around. I can’t think of any place in Austin where you can get good sangria for under $25 a pitcher. We ended up having to leave some on the table when we left. I had to drive and Mrs. Food was catching a pretty good buzz. Our total cost for the meal and drinks came to $56 with tip.

Walking the gardens is a must. We discovered a day spa and quiet meditation room hidden among the many flowers and trees. In the spring time I can only imagine what this place must smell like. During your walk you might encounter the two wild turkeys that have taken up permanent residence on the property. The farms rooster and the turkeys have become pretty good chums and seem to hang out and follow each other around.

Mr. Food says 1 spoon up. Service time was the negative for this review. The food was good, could have been a little bigger portions. Mrs. Food and I definitely don’t have any issues with the sangria or the beautiful gardens. I just believe that when even under staffed, a simple hello carries a lot of weight. Don’t just walk past someone and act as if you don’t see them, turn, smile and say hello.

Fredericksburg Herb Farm
407 Whitney
Fredericksburg TX 78624

The web sight is packed full of cool info….I thought the recipe section was really groovy.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Café Mundi - Austin, Texas

Have you heard of Café Mundi? I bet some of you have, but most of you have not. Kinda hidden on East Fifth Street next to the east side’s new light rail tracks, Café Mundi has retained that local feel that Austin is so famous for. There is always something going on. Monday nights are for outdoor movies, while just about everyday someone is performing music, dance or spoken word.

I stopped by Café Mundi to meet my dear friend, the Platypus. We had plans to cut some fire wood and maybe have a beer or two. I noticed that Café Mundi was carrying a Pierre Celis beer for $10 a bottle. I haven’t seen it sold any where else around Austin, if you have, please let me know. Platypus was running late so I decided to check out the menu and see what was going on. A cold front had just come through Austin and the normal oven roasting afternoon temp had dropped quit a bit. The daily soup special was French Onion. I ordered the soup, a glass of Mundi’s unsweetened hibiscus tea and paid a little over $6 total.

One of the best parts about Café Mundi is the outdoor area. Beautiful trees surrounding a small stage, wonderful landscaping that makes you feel that the city is very far away. I found a table and awaited my soup. About that time Platypus showed up and we starting talking. My soup arrived and I was so very happy. A large hot bowl of soup, a thick layer of melted Provolone cheese smothering large crutons, served with a side of bread… I was licking my lips. Platypus immediately ordered a bowl for himself. The onions where sweet and the broth, not beef, but a vegetable broth, made the soup light and perfect for a mid afternoon snack.

Mr. Foodblog says Two spoons for Café Mundi. A quiet afternoon, on a nice cool day, relaxing conversation, Café Mundi hit the spot. The soup just tied the whole experience together. If you don’t know Café Mundi, check out their web site or if you are just cruising around the east side and need a little cup of Joe, stop on by. Café Mundi is a true Austin oasis in an ever growing and ever changing city.

Café Mundi
1704 E. Fifth Street
Austin, Texas

Monday, November 06, 2006

El Paraiso ( Breakfast Special ) - Austin, Texas

Breakfast, some consider it the most important meal of the day. My regular work schedule is sometimes up in the air so I have been on the lookout for a breakfast special that can both satisfy my hunger and my wallet. Quite by accident, I happened upon a little place close to the job, which fills my criteria, serving a great breakfast with an amazing price…El Paraiso. Located at 5656 N. IH-35, next to Baby A’s, El Paraiso is the kind of place you would miss if you didn’t know it was there. Parking is abundant, so no worries in that department.

Each week, El Paraiso changes it’s daily breakfast specials, I just happen in on the day they were serving Carne Guisada - $2.99 (two eggs any style, a huge mound of carne guisada and home made refried and white corn tortillas). The food was great, and the amount of food served was amazing. I had a hard time finishing the plate. Service was quick and friendly, no slacking here. El Paraiso also serves a lunch special costing $4.99, I have yet to try this.

Mr. Food says two spoons for El Paraiso. A real man size breakfast. Friendly, quick service and a price that is hard to beat. Mrs. Food commented that the food cost is comparable to restaurant prices in Mexico, how crazy is that. Check it out and let me know what you folks think. If you know of other places that serve monster breakfast specials, please post a comment.

For future blogs, I have been asked to review restaurants restrooms. If I am missing anything else, please let me know.

Have a great day and remember everyone…. please vote on Nov. 7th.

El Paraiso
5656 N. IH-35

Thursday, November 02, 2006

China Palace - Austin, Texas

I know a secret! Mrs. Food and I had the pleasure of eating dinner with Cupcake Kitten and her husband, the Compiler, a few nights back. We had been talking about trying China Palace, 6605 Airport Blvd, just north of Highland Mall. A little bird had whispered that the food was worth checking out and Mr. Food needed to spread the word. The little bird also told me a secret!

We arrived at the restaurant around 8pm. Parking was easy, not an issue. The restaurant had a few folks dinning so we were able to sit where we wanted and had total attention of the wait staff. Now here’s the secret….The server gave us the menu, but I knew better and asked for the special Chinese menu. Word had reached my ear that most of the items offered on the special menu (which you have to ask for) wouldn’t be served anywhere else in the city. No description, just a list of plates to choose from, our whole party was amazed at the selection offered. As Mr. Food I have no fear of food. Looking down the list of appetizers I had to try the Jellyfish head. A grunt of shock came from Mrs. Food and our companions. Cupcake ordered the fried tofu and Mrs. Food ordered the steamed pork dumplings. The Jellyfish tasted like cucumber salad, I really liked this. While the fried tofu, so often over cooked in most places, was perfect…it just melted in my mouth. The dumplings were as good as any in town…maybe better.

For our main courses, we all decided on the one plate each and share routine. The compiler, not feeling so brave, ordered the Orange Beef. Cupcake chose some type of greens (snow pea leaves?) and the Mu Shu Chicken. I on the other hand had to try something new and ordered the Tea Smoked Duck with tofu skins. The amount of food brought to our table was astounding. The Orange Beef was great - large pieces of beef, smoky red chilies combined with orange peel. The Mu Shu was also great. Our server assembled the food by first spreading plum sauce on some kind of pancake; then added the Mu Shu and served us one at a time. We had enough for two helpings each. The duck came in a bowl with what I first thought was roasted peppers but after tasting realized were the tofu skins. Cupcake’s greens had a healthy mix of garlic added to them and tasted fantastic. I wish I knew more about Chinese food, I can’t really tell you what was in the food but needless to say we were all very pleased with our orders and even more amazed when we got the bill - three appetizers, four entrees and ice teas came to an incredible $51. Holy Cow, we had so much food, there was no way that we could eat it all.

Mr. Food says a resounding Two Spoons up. What a deal. The food was great. An amazing selection to choose from and the portions sizes …well, check it out for your self. The bathrooms, small but clean, didn’t take anything away from the restaurant. If you are feeling the need for Chinese, give China Palace a go, I don’t think you will be disappointed. Remember, ask for the Chinese menu…but keep it our little secret.

China Palace
6605 Airport Blvd
Mon – Fri: 11 – 2:30 / 4:30 – 10pm
Sat: 11 – 3 / 4:30 – 10pm
Sun: 11 – 3 / 4:30 – 9:30

They do deliver, call first to find out if you are in there area - $15 minimum