Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rainwater Harvesting and Water Wise Gardening Seminar Jan 10th

The Senora and I spent a relaxing X-mas with her family in the Texas Valley, McAllen to be precise. The day after Christmas, we were just driving around and looking at the homes next to the downtown area (I am being generous with the term downtown area) when we happened upon what we think is the only community garden in the McAllen city limits. So we took some pics…

When I got back to Austin, I started looking around on the internet for our Travis County community gardens and discovered a great web site about sustainable living in the City of Austin .

Saturday, Jan 10
Rainwater Harvesting and Water Wise Gardening

10am- Noon, Zilker Botanical Garden
Come enjoy a free seminar on capturing rainwater and lowering water usage in your landscape. This session will cover all the basics of building a non-potable rainwater harvesting system. In addition, learn how to design beautiful gardens designed for lower water usage. Don’t be misinformed; xeriscaping is not “zero-scaping”.

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At 1/25/2009 7:02 AM , Blogger Thumbbook said...

Look at those beautiful tomatoes! Ive always wanted to grow em but my dog likes to eat and play in our "garden". I should try my hand at it again. Thanks for reminding me.Great post!

At 1/25/2009 7:02 AM , Blogger Thumbbook said...

I'd like to invite you to take some time to drop by at Foodista. We have launched an online food and cooking encyclopedia ala wikipedia where you can contribute and share what you know about food and cooking techniques. Hope to see you there! Thanks!

At 9/28/2011 2:40 AM , Blogger clarkson said...

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