Saturday, March 14, 2009

Judge the Cheese - Moose Lodge Austin,TEXAS

Austin Moose Lodge
2103 E. M.Franklin*
(This is an indoor/outdoor location so if the raingods are angry you’ll
still be safe.)
$5 Admission.
*TONIGHT!!! 3/14/09*

CASH BAR (cheese isn’t free, please drink!) (but bring id)
Everyone who tries one of the almost 900 competition sandwiches is a judge!
If classic is your bag, we will have many classic grilled cheese sammiches
made with Kraft Singles
* While the competition is in full swing, if you have a cheese haiku or poem
you'd like to read, see the MC and you'll get some airtime.

* Bring the family! We will have a special kids area
* More than Cheese-We will have the comedic stylings of Kat Williams, the
awesomeness of the Lunch Ladies, the musical stylings of DumDum and the
Smarties, and a chance for you to strut your stuff through Scaryoke! After
the awards ceremony (because omg the trophies) we will shake our booties to
DJ Skaven

There are no open available slots left for competing, if you want to compete
and haven't registered, there are still a few spots available for the
waiting list. To do so please use the entry form on the site.

So, may the best cheese win!
If you have any other questions, please direct them to:

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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Farmer's Market at Republic Square - 3/7/09 Austin,TEXAS

This morning, the Senora and I made a visit downtown to Austin’s Saturday Farmer's Market at Republic Square. Spring is coming and the strawberries were out. The crowds were quite large and I had to move quickly to take these pictures before everything was bought up…


I tried a breakfast sausage roll from Sol Catering which tasted fantastic.

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