Sunday, February 08, 2009

Slumming in Puerto Vallarta

The whales were breaching, the iguanas were rutting, but unfortunately our camera situation just was not working. Crazy how things work out like that, you know, sometimes….uh.

Starting in Puerto Vallarta, we loitered around the Playa Los Muertos, soaking up the sun, drinking sangria, enjoying the local flavor. An exciting city, P.V. is full of great restaurants, art galleries and for those people that just can’t get enough, foam parties just about every night. For us, the Senora and I, most importantly, lazy beach living and quite romantic evenings spent watching the fireworks over the Banderas Bay.

After a few days of the easy P.V. life, we rented a car and trekked north along the Pacific coast, past Sayulita to our final destination, the tiny town of San Francisco (San Poncho). Our days were spent drinking cold beer and laying in the sun. And when the fancy took us, head in town for a serving of red snapper from the Café Del Mar or maybe a massive 16oz Argentinean rib eye cooked to perfection from Mar Plata.

Back on the near empty San Poncho beach, giant shrimp filled cocktails, enjoyed with shots of Don Julio 1492 tequila ($4), forget the $20 Don Julio shot at Vivo in Austin, and always the endless sound of the sometimes 6 foot waves, breaking on the shore. San Poncho was just that tranquil sort of place the Senora and I needed. A well deserved vacation away from the sounds and smells of the cityscape.

Sayulita proved quit a surprise. We parked the car and slowly made our way down to the beach only to discover upon arrival a vibrant hippy crazed surfer movement going on. An amazingly beautiful town, Sayulita is tucked into a cove of small jungle covered hills dotted with inexpensive hotels and condos. Sayulita is a true haven for the budget minded soul that reads High Times and digs surfing, then all combined with a love for a fantastic beach to lie around on. Cool man.

We had a tasty margarita pizza from Don Pedro's (nice crunchy crust, kinda like Austin's own East Side Pie), washing it down with a mojito or two. After that we just kicked back and relaxed checking out the beach from our perch at the restaurant. Hard living, folks!

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At 2/11/2009 9:18 PM , Blogger Tom Milne said...

Nice report Senor Foodblog! After reading your post, I could really use your help. I am going with a group to Sayulita in a couple of weeks, and had a couple of questions about Mar Plata. Please let me know how to contact you via email or phone if you have a chance. Gracias!



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