Saturday, March 14, 2009

Judge the Cheese - Moose Lodge Austin,TEXAS

Austin Moose Lodge
2103 E. M.Franklin*
(This is an indoor/outdoor location so if the raingods are angry you’ll
still be safe.)
$5 Admission.
*TONIGHT!!! 3/14/09*

CASH BAR (cheese isn’t free, please drink!) (but bring id)
Everyone who tries one of the almost 900 competition sandwiches is a judge!
If classic is your bag, we will have many classic grilled cheese sammiches
made with Kraft Singles
* While the competition is in full swing, if you have a cheese haiku or poem
you'd like to read, see the MC and you'll get some airtime.

* Bring the family! We will have a special kids area
* More than Cheese-We will have the comedic stylings of Kat Williams, the
awesomeness of the Lunch Ladies, the musical stylings of DumDum and the
Smarties, and a chance for you to strut your stuff through Scaryoke! After
the awards ceremony (because omg the trophies) we will shake our booties to
DJ Skaven

There are no open available slots left for competing, if you want to compete
and haven't registered, there are still a few spots available for the
waiting list. To do so please use the entry form on the site.

So, may the best cheese win!
If you have any other questions, please direct them to:

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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Farmer's Market at Republic Square - 3/7/09 Austin,TEXAS

This morning, the Senora and I made a visit downtown to Austin’s Saturday Farmer's Market at Republic Square. Spring is coming and the strawberries were out. The crowds were quite large and I had to move quickly to take these pictures before everything was bought up…


I tried a breakfast sausage roll from Sol Catering which tasted fantastic.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Vespaio Ristorante - Austin,TEXAS

The Senora and I love to celebrate Valentines with our dear friends, the Best Dressed Couple. Last year we dined at North, located in the Domain, I had the oso buco which was just wonderful, but this year’s dinner has to be the best yet.

We arrived at Vespaio around 9pm, and as we expected only to find a packed house. The hostess told us that the wait would be around 45 mins to an hr, which didn’t surprise us based on past experience. We made our way to the far end of the bar and wow, actually got some seats, a group of four ladies were just leaving. We order a bottle of Trocadero and the OSTRICHE AL FORNO CON SPINACI E CREMA AL PERNOD (Texas gulf oysters baked in the shell with spinach, Pernod cream & aged asiago cheese) to hold us over, content with the idea of our wait. The food gods must have smiled down at us. Before we had received our antipasto, out of nowhere the hostess taps me on the shoulder, whispers in my ear so not to attract attention from the other folks waiting, that a table for four had mysteriously opened up.

The second we were seated our oysters arrived and we immediately ordered an additional antipasto of the just made mozzarella served with locally grown tomatoes, sweet basil and e.v.o.o. with grilled focaccia bruschetta, and a second bottle of the Trocadero. The oysters paired with the Trocader, is a perfect match; oysters and bubbly are always good together. The mozzarella was light in flavor, not salty and the tomatoes were sweet and tasted so good.

For our entrees the Senora had the SPECIALITA DELLA CASA GAMBERI E PROSCIUTTO GRIGLIATO (Oak fire grilled prosciutto-wrapped jumbo gulf prawns with rapini & suppli finished with red chili pesto). Mrs. Best Dressed chose the PAN SEARED SHOTTISH KING SALMON (creamy yellow polenta, crispy fried oysters and giardiniera aioli), one of Vespaio’s Valentine specials. Mr. Best Dressed, a little more traditional with his food, had the LASAGNE ALLA BOLOGNESE (Sheets of handmade spinach pasta with beef, veal & pork Bolognese, Bechamel, pecorino romano, pork sausage & house made mozzarella). While I also chose from the Valentine menu and had the RISOTTO DEL GIORNO – RISOTTO OF THE DAY (Brick oven roasted beef ox tail in veal ridurre served atop carnaroli risotto made w/ taleggio cheese, root vegetable puree and white truffle oil).

Our meal was fantastic. Not one of us had a complaint or in any way was disappointed with our food or our server, who by the way was attentive but not hovering, just perfect.

We spent about two hours drinking our wine and savoring our food, hoping that our evening wouldn’t end. And when we finally said our goodbyes and headed down the road, we were already making plans to eat again soon at Vespaio, which in both the Senora’s and my mind has to be one of Austin’s best restaurants.

mangi bene

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love at the Moose…

Tonight, the Senora and I are going to attend the Moose Lodge’s Valentine Bingo Game Show Bingo. Lots of fun and prizes to be had by all. Activities kick off around 7:30pm and run to about 12mid for you late birds. The lodge will be rocking with music provided by DJ Mau, and guess what kids, no cover at the door. This is a charity event so bring you dollars, play some bingo, have some fun and win some prizes.

2103 EM Franklin

I hope the Senora and I see you there…

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Slumming in Puerto Vallarta

The whales were breaching, the iguanas were rutting, but unfortunately our camera situation just was not working. Crazy how things work out like that, you know, sometimes….uh.

Starting in Puerto Vallarta, we loitered around the Playa Los Muertos, soaking up the sun, drinking sangria, enjoying the local flavor. An exciting city, P.V. is full of great restaurants, art galleries and for those people that just can’t get enough, foam parties just about every night. For us, the Senora and I, most importantly, lazy beach living and quite romantic evenings spent watching the fireworks over the Banderas Bay.

After a few days of the easy P.V. life, we rented a car and trekked north along the Pacific coast, past Sayulita to our final destination, the tiny town of San Francisco (San Poncho). Our days were spent drinking cold beer and laying in the sun. And when the fancy took us, head in town for a serving of red snapper from the Café Del Mar or maybe a massive 16oz Argentinean rib eye cooked to perfection from Mar Plata.

Back on the near empty San Poncho beach, giant shrimp filled cocktails, enjoyed with shots of Don Julio 1492 tequila ($4), forget the $20 Don Julio shot at Vivo in Austin, and always the endless sound of the sometimes 6 foot waves, breaking on the shore. San Poncho was just that tranquil sort of place the Senora and I needed. A well deserved vacation away from the sounds and smells of the cityscape.

Sayulita proved quit a surprise. We parked the car and slowly made our way down to the beach only to discover upon arrival a vibrant hippy crazed surfer movement going on. An amazingly beautiful town, Sayulita is tucked into a cove of small jungle covered hills dotted with inexpensive hotels and condos. Sayulita is a true haven for the budget minded soul that reads High Times and digs surfing, then all combined with a love for a fantastic beach to lie around on. Cool man.

We had a tasty margarita pizza from Don Pedro's (nice crunchy crust, kinda like Austin's own East Side Pie), washing it down with a mojito or two. After that we just kicked back and relaxed checking out the beach from our perch at the restaurant. Hard living, folks!

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